About Us

Our Business


What makes Robe Bakery unique is that every item is crafted in the traditional methods that were common to the trade before the modernization of factories and big box outlets. They whip their eggs and cream their butter and sugar following recipes that are timeless and unforgettable. They offer a full line of cakes, cookies and pastries all made with the finest ingredients available.

Our History

Since 1884, Robe Bakery been known for producing quality wholesome food and this has been our shared passion for over three generations

Robe Bakery passed through a series of hands after the Hateleys sold the business in 1991. Our passion, commitment and desire continued to be the very best in South Australia

In 2008, it was purchased by couple Ernesto and Mary Scungio both looking for a change and decided it might be something they could do together.

Looking to expand in 2013, We purchased the property and after a new fit out opened our second Bakery outlet on Oct 1 2013 in Rosetown in Lower Sth. East of South Australia and haven’t looked back

We invested steadily in new equipment, redeveloping the bakehouse and café, encouraging our team of bakers to introduce new lines while maintaining the traditional method of old-style baking

While tradition is important at Robe Bakery, so are the current needs and trends of the ever changing customer.

We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautiful and amazing things that surely brings positive results and complete satisfaction.